Have you been to Luxembourg? Come visit it with me…

The last time we were in Luxembourg City I started chatting to an English mum who was there on holiday with her toddler. Initially, I was like, “eh? You’ve come to Luxembourg? On holiday? With a child? How random..” but then I realised that we love visiting regularly, so maybe it wasn’t that weird after all.

Living on the border of Luxembourg and Germany, it’s a short 40 minute hop for us and an easy and enjoyable way to spend a Saturday. I love the fact that because it’s so ex-pat dense, the local Auchan sells lots of British food that interestingly Germany doesn’t recognise as essential nutrition. And coffee. It has the best coffee.

LuxembourgLuxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe at just 51 miles long at its longest point. But the tiny Sovereign State holds my heart and is one of my favourite places to explore.

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