This Golden Retriever Scarfing Pasta Knows Carbs Are Always The Solution

Man's best friends

Never get into an eating contest with a golden retriever.

As this German shepherd quickly realized, the odds will never be in your favor unless you’re another golden retriever, or perhaps famed competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi. Even for Kobayashi, nothing is certain.

So what’s the takeaway here? If you’re ever planning to recreate the classic spaghetti-eating scene from “Lady And The Tramp,” maybe don’t invite a golden retriever.

Unlike chocolate and caffeine, foods like spaghetti and white rice are perfectly OK for dogs to eat, though you may not want to eat them in these quantities on a daily basis.

WATCH the golden retriever scarf spaghetti, above.

H/T Viral Viral Videos | Huffington Post

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