Apple iPad launch – what to expect tonight (and what not to expect)


Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook There’s a high chance that the new iPad won’t be this big (Picture: Reuters)

Tonight, millions of eyes around the world will focus on a grey-haired man in sensible slacks talking about a flat computer, which is ever so slightly better than last year’s flat computer.

Apple iPad launches are known for being mind-shreddingly tedious.

Even the whooping Californian Apple cultists who flock to these events can seem bored, whereas at iPhone launches they seem in danger of dying from sheer pleasure at any second.

So, without taking two entire hours to tell you, or (even worse) pretending everything’s finished and then saying ‘One more thing’ – just as everyone’s reaching to get their coats – here’s what you’re going to see this Thursday.

Click to reveal the answers you’ve all been waiting for…

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Will iPad Air have a MUCH bigger screen?

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