2014 Chevy Commercial – Maddie


Who doesn’t love golden retrievers? Not to mention sappy commercials about dogs. I know I do! Chevy uses an emotional twist on a car commercial. And this ad brought me to tears;

Chevy uses a very clever emotional appeal technique. It’s like they know dogs are everybody’s weakness or something! After watching this commercial I wanted a chevy just because they did an excellent job by using this commercial as a branding technique.

From now on after you see a Chevrolet you will think about Maddie. The dog that was always there, and that’s how Chevy wants you to relate to their vehicles. A smart technique if you ask me.

By tearing at the viewers heart strings it almost makes you think that large companies do have a heart! Chevy understands what the customer wants in a vehicle. In some cases a vehicle can be a part of the family…

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