Apple introduces OS X Yosemite


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OS X yosemite

It was in the air for a few months: Apple Unveils OS X Yosemite . The new version of that possibly be the most stable OS on the planet has gone through the body and paint shop and unified visual appearance to iOS to finish giving a total coherence to its ecosystem.

The news is many, beyond their change in appearance, and of a very different nature. To do this, you’d better list them below:


Following the idea of Jonny Ive to mobile devices, Apple has decided to unify the look of the OS on their computers. So stop windows have rounded edges, the icons will have a unified look and feel similar to iOS and the disappearance of skeumorphismo or what is the same, the graphical representation of the object to which it refers.

Os X redesign


This feature promises to establish uniformity between iPhone, Mac and iPad, so you…

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