clicks for tricks.


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if you follow my pup on instagram (@indietheaussie), you’ve seen a few videos now on some of his tricks, from “sit” to “shy” to “highfive” and “bang!” (aka play dead) his dad & i have received a lot of comments along the lines of how young indie is to know all this stuff & tons of people asking how we taught him. while my plan is to break down tricks individually, and even post some how-to videos, i wanted to write about the basis behind every trick & the method i use to teach everything.

that method is clicker training.

so what is clicker training?
clicker training is exactly what it sounds like. you use clicks to train. it is based on behavioural psychology that relies on marking desirable behavior and rewarding it. ya’ll remember my equation for dog behaviour? antecedent + behaviour + consequence? the click “marks” the desired behaviour, and…

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