Golden Retriever Puppy in Clydesdale Budweiser Commercial?

The Daily Golden

I’m not sure these are purebred golden retrievers. Regardless, assuming “Warm Springs Puppy Adoption” isn’t an actual place, this video is absolutely heartwarming, as are all of the Budweiser Clydesdale Superbowl commercials. This video was posted yesterday and already has over 19 million views.  Dogs are definitely taking over the Superbowl!!


Are these puppies goldens? (Not that it matters, other than the fact that this blog is about golden retrievers. I have nothing against cute puppies, just the people who breed them sometimes – I call them “greeders”) and did you find “Warm Springs Puppy Adoption” a little disturbing?  Could the word adoption not be replaced with “farm” or “mill”?   Where do they get the puppies??   Budweiser, was that part really necessary?  As someone who supports rescue and hobby breeders of healthy and sound purebred dogs, and being that millions of dogs die in shelters each year, am I overreacting?

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