The Internet of things and The Not so Smart Home

Media Musings

Thank god for the Internet – It’s a term I use almost everyday and I’m sure you all do too. Whether you’re laughing at a meme, watching a viral video, cheating in a trivia game or stalking your ex …it’s all done on the internet!

In 2009, Kevin Ashton proposed the term, The Internet of Things, further defined by Julian Bleecker (2006) as “an evolved nascent conceptual framework for understanding how physical objects, once networked and imbued with informatics capabilities, will occupy space and occupy themselves in a worlds in which things were once quite passive”.

Well there you have it kids, we have created ‘things’ that are now going to take over the world….

Connectivity is something we all crave and now objects are becoming connected too. Each object gains a network address making each discrete object uniquely identifiable.

Ted Mitew (2013), Lecturer at Wollongong University, introduced me…

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