Goodbye Breaking Bad

The Galactus Agenda

When something ends, the worst part is looking for something to replace it. That’s usually because you’re not satisfied with how whatever ended—ended. There’s a void, an emptiness that needs to be filled, something that needs completion. As the Breaking Bad ending loomed closer, I hastily searched for the answer to the question, “how am I going to replace Breaking Bad”. The answer is, I’m not.


It’s over, done, finished and it was done beautifully. Any and every questioned I had was answered. All the problems that remained precedence throughout the series were resolved. Everything didn’t play out the exact way I thought but the final season and especially the final episode did one thing I really wanted, it ended the story. That’s all I wanted. No loose strings, open ends, just a culmination of one of the best stories on television.

For 62 episodes I rooted for the bad…

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