Amazing Airplane Save… Until…

Cabin Crew Secrets (Simple, Imperious, Artful)

You know, the most important or crucial factor when it comes to flying, be it if you are the passanger, or the tech crew or the cabin crew, is the take off and the landing.

Next time when you are flying, especially when you are seated near the doors, you will realize that the cabin crews are unusually quiet.  Not because they are “unfriendly” or thinking about where to go next, but rather, they are silently reviewing their drills and process in the event of any emergency.

Having a run through of the emergency process helps because you will not be ‘lost’ when things really happen. Equally, for anyone who is attending the interview, the run through process should be done over and over again. Then again, one thing about the interview is, you don’t want to run through too many times for it will create certain anxiety before your…

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