Top 10 Tips For Photography Abroad

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Previous Llama Traveller and professional photographer Glenn Gordon (of Gray Gordon photography) has kindly shared with us the absolutely stunning photographs he took whilst on his Llama Travel holiday in the Galapagos Islands. And even better,  he has also shared his top tips on how to take the best holiday snaps. So would-be photographers, and those who want to make sure they can look back on their holiday of a lifetime for ever, take note!DSC_0339

Respect Your Environment

Most importantly of all, look after your surroundings. Do not destroy delicate plant life, endanger or frighten an animal just to get a good shot. If you truly value the beauty of your subject, please take the time and care to protect it.

The Earl Bird Catches The Worm

And the early photographer catches the early bird, catching the worm. Be prepared to put yourself out a little if you…

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