Thiago Alcantara- Is he worth the hype?


The Beaver Trick

Thiago Alcantara FCBarcelona v CAOsasuna

Italian-born, Brazilian-bred, cultivated in Spain. Not many players have the ability to say that they are comfortably eligible to play for 3 of the world’s greatest footballing nations. Thiago Alcantara is the only one that comes to my mind without me having to do in depth research. Now as an FC Barcelona fan I may be a bit biased in saying that this guy, along with Marco Veratti and Paul Pogba, may be one of the best central midfielders of his generation and has the potential to reach the heights of playmakers such as Andrea Pirlo, Xavi Hernandez or Jose Maria Guti (when he decides to play well). Heck I’ll go as far as to say that he may become as good as the great Zinedine Zidane, they definitely share similar styles of play- head on a swivel, impeccable footwork, self-confidence on the ball and a willingness to shoot. But…

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