Best Travel & Vacation Guide Maldives

Planning holidays can be fun, and if one is heading to a wonderful nation like Maldives, then, the fun quotient is doubled. But in amid all the excitement, packing and daydreaming, one sometimes forgets to look into some crucial things that should never escape when travelling abroad. Maldives too asks for such considerations and it is better if one plans ahead to avoid any mood spoilers. So, here are some things one should never forget to consider;

Currency you are carrying

Every currency holds different value, and hence it is important to compare the exchange value of your home currency with the country you are visiting. Maldivian Rufiyaa is the official currency of Maldives. The currency is further broken into Laari; hundred Laari makes one Rufiyaa. The point here is that you need to confirm the value of your currency in the island nation to reach correct estimates about how…

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