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Now I have had a couple of days to digest the findings released by USADA in presenting their ‘reasoned decision’ as to why they have found Lance Armstrong guilty and are stripping him of all results achieved since 1998 I have come to the conclusion that, simply put, he is guilty. There is no reasonable person who can come to any other conclusion based on the weight of evidence.

Guilty of taking PEDs, for sure, but actually it is worse than that for me and for many cycling fans.

First up, there is the extent of the doping. Anyone who has ready Paul Kimmage’s book ‘Rough Ride’ or subsequent exposes into drug use in cycling will know the pressure for riders to take drugs has been around for decades. However, the Armstrong case if far more unpleasant than that. With a ‘win at all costs’ attitude Lance decided he needed to take…

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