One hundred and four weeks

We travelled our way to Luxembourg this weekend. Luxembourg is south of Belgium and is landlocked between France, Belgium and Germany. I remember when I was in school I always got Luxembourg and Lichtenstein messed up on geography tests. Both are tiny, both in Europe and both start with “Ls”. From now on, thanks to our visit, I will never get them confused.
It is a teeny country, 998 square miles. To give my Texas readers a relative idea, Houston is 2/3s the size of the whole country of Luxembourg. However, the beauty of Luxembourg has NOTHING on anything Texas. They speak Luxembourgish officially (their signs etc are in Luxembourgish) but everyone speaks French and German in practicality.

The landscape consists of the Ardennes mountains with rolling, rolling, rolling, hills after hills. Every time we would turn around a bend in our car, it was met with, “WOW and Are…

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