Raising the dead: Past thoughts on Harley-Davidson’s Iron 883

Nobody walks in Long Beach

It’s been four years since Harley-Davidson introduced the Iron 883 as part of its Dark Custom lineup, and the same timespan since I got one for a test ride and review. That bike is still one of my Top 10 fun bikes to ride. There’s something very no bullshit about it.

At the time, it seemed that Sportsters were still H-D’s dirty little secret — one viewed by the Harley faithful as the Motor Co.’s “little bike” or “girl’s bike.” Since then, you can’t hit the So Cal highways and byways without spotting a Sporty blasting down the lanes, rider decked out in the proper uniform — open-face helmet, T-shirt or T-shirt/flannel combo, skinny Levis and Converse/Vans/work boots/hipster boots.

The Sportster!This is great as the Sportster, in all of its incarnations, is an absolute blast to ride. Lightweight and zippy (well, zippy enough). At one time in my two-wheeled life, I owned…

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