How they roll in HCMC



Back home to HCMC and the kids and I run many errands since our furniture and furnishings had yet to arrive from NJ.  Luckily, there are many sights to keep them interested and entertained while being stuck in traffic.  The kids and I are obsessed with seeing things being transported via motorbikes.  While vehicles comprise about 50% of traffic (my keen observation aka wild guess), motorbikes are still the main method used to deliver all sorts of goods.  Cars are prohibitively expensive to have here.  There are double the cost of what one would pay in the US due to import duties, so a $40K Toyota Sienna (my choice of ride with the 3 kids) that I would pay in the US costs $80K USD here in Viet Nam.  That’s crazy talk.

Almost all expats here have personal drivers since it’s cheaper to rent a car and driver then it…

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